Product Groups

Cable Types

Reliable and High Quality
  • High Temperature Resistant,
  • Low Smoke Density,
  • Solution Providing Silicone Cable Options,
  • Steel and Copper Plated Double Insulated
  • Flexible in line with Customer Requirements
Product Details

Molded Gaskets

Gaskets for All Demands
  • Mold Parts Production,
  • Economic and Efficient Production,
  • Pressure Gaskets for Various Usage Areas
  • Production According to Chemical and Physical Strengths,
  • Gaskets from 10 Sh A to 90 Sh A Hardness
Product Details

Plug Cables

Reliable and High Quality
  • Grounded-Groundless Cables,
  • Controlled Use on Electricity,
  • European-British Type Cables,
  • Usage in Areas such as White Goods and Small Household Appliances,
  • Non-removable Plug Connection Type
Product Details

Profile Types

Reliable and High Quality
  • Reliable Extrusion Capacity,
  • Silicone Profile Production,
  • Profiles Conforming to Desired Standards,
  • Putting into Service in Desired Sizes and Measures,
  • Usage Opportunity According to Different Sectors
Product Details

Iron Cords

Durable and Long Lasting
  • Polyester Thread Braided Cord Cables
  • Multi-Wire and Multi-Core Construction,
  • PVC Insulated,
  • Used in Household and Industrial Irons
  • Used as Small Appliance Cables.
Product Details

Silicone Tubes

All Kinds of Special Tubes
  • Molding Method According to Desired Standards,
  • High Temperature Resistant Production in All Kinds of Forms, Colors and Sizes,
  • Production Opportunity for All Kinds of Special Sizes and Features,
  • Glass Fiber Braided Tubing
  • (-60 C + 300 C)
Product Details

Silicone Gasket

High Quality Gaskets
  • Usually Used In Household Appliances
  • High Temperature Resistant,
  • Resistant to Corrosive Chemicals,
  • Silicone Profiles for Perfect Functional Connections
  • Suitable for All Colors
Product Details

Propulsion Reels

Sturdy and Unbreakable
  • Production in accordance with the standards,
  • Production Opportunity According to Special Dimensions,
  • Production According to Desired Diameter and Thickness,
  • Durable and Maximum Carrying Capacity,
  • Built Easy to Use
Product Details


Fast and Safe Packaging
  • Cable Coiling,
  • Silicone Profile Gasket Packaging,
  • Wire Harnesses Packaging,
  • Winding Cables Into Boxes,
  • Packaging Cable Coils
  • Packaging as Parcels and Pallets
Product Details

Wire Harnesses

All Kinds of Wire Harnesses
  • VDE Approved Cables,
  • Economic Cable Production System,
  • Usage Opportunities in Many Sectors, especially White Goods,
  • Flexible Production and Fast Supply
  • Competitive Prices
Product Details
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