The Message Of The Chairman

Nejdet Tıskaoğlu
"We Make Production With Zero Defect Target."

As Elcab Cable, we are the fastest growing company in the sector with our corporate identity and brand value understanding. Our basic principle is to meet the demands and needs of our customers at the highest level in all the products we have produced since the day we started production, to follow and apply technological developments, to produce environmentally and socially sensitive products and to provide our customers with the best quality service at the most affordable price. We also provide the advantage of being one step ahead of our competitors.

Our most important treasure is our talented, experienced and innovative human resources and we produce with the goal of zero error without exception. Our production system is designed to produce quality and to spread this quality to every area of ​​production and to ensure its continuity with regular process controls, and measurement, electrical, physical and chemical analysis controls are carried out in our laboratory and test areas. By producing innovative projects for the future in the light of modern technology and producing high quality with high capacity, effective and efficient marketing strategies we offer solutions to our customers with an understanding of superior service.

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"As an Innovative and Visionary Company, We Set Long-Term Goals."

Elcab Cable As a customer-oriented company, Elcab’s main principle is quality production with timely delivery, continuous improvement and development. Our main goal is raising the level of education of our employees, strengthening Turkey's economy and contributing to overall welfare. We continue on our way with the excitement and ambition of the first day with all our teammates, with the advantage of being aware and together. As an entrepreneurial, innovative and visionary company that builds the future, we set long-term goals, develop sustainable business models and adapt our strategies to new opportunities.
I would like to thank all of our suppliers and business partners, especially our employees, for their valuable contribution and their trust and loyalty to us.
With love and respect…

Nejdet Tıskaoğlu
Chairman of the Board
Elcab Cable Profile Industry Trade Inc.
Nejdet Tıskaoğlu
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