Nejdet TISKAOĞLU stated:

Nejdet Tıskaoğlu, Chairman of Zonsiad & Chairman of Elcab Kablo, was the guest of Rıfat Fırat in the program 'Çarklar Dönüyor' broadcast on A Para screens. Tıskaoğlu made statements about the white goods and cable sector, as well as the investments they made in Zonguldak and South Africa.
Nejdet Tıskaoğlu, who participated in the 'Çarklar Dönüyor' economy program, which was watched with great interest on A Para, talked about the investments in the white goods and cable sector, its place in the world market and their own projects. Expressing Turkey's well-earned status in world home-appliances sector, Mr. Tıskoğlu pointed out that many white goods were on the first Export Train to China that recently left Turkey. He stated: "Turkey is very strong in the home-appliances sector. It is strong both in the main white-goods sector and its subsidiaries.


Mr. Tıskaoğlu stated that Turkey is in the top 10 countries in the world cable industry. "I cannot claim that we are in the top 2 but I can definitely say we are in the top 10. Turkey really has some great cable producers. It is a fact that Turkey is where it deserves to be in this sector", he added.



'Return to Home Project' will provide work and food for Anatolian people

Nejdet Tıskaoğlu, President of Zonguldak Industrialists and Businessmen Association (ZONSİAD) and Zonguldak Businessperson, drew attention to the Return Home Project in a national channel interview. Touching on the need of the Anatolian people for this project, Tıskaoğlu said, “With the decision to return home, we first established our first factory in Zonguldak as Elcap Kablo. We have 150 teammates working in our factory in Çaycuma. Returning Home Project is very valuable. Both Turkey is a very valuable project for both Anatolian cities. All of my fellow countrymen in Anatolia are waiting for us. They need work and food. With our knowledge, let's make small investments in our own cities, let's make our people happy and benefit the development of those cities. From here, I send my greetings to all my industrialist friends. The Return to Home Project initiated by ZONSİAD is very valuable, please support this project ”.

Nejdet Tıskaoğlu had established a cable factory in Çaycuma OIZ within the scope of the project and stated that 400 people would be employed there.


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