The interview of Mr. Omer Senturk, General Manager of our company, published in March-April issue of KablosanTurkey Magazine.

Elcab Cable General Manager Ömer Şentürk:
"We started out the year 2021 well with the new investment we made in Çaycuma, Zonguldak to contribute to the conuntry's economy and provide employment to a large number of people."

Elcab Cable General Maneger Ömer Şentürk, who said the company had completed the year 2020 with good performance despite all adversities, said that in 2021 the company aims to reach more customers in the domestic market and explore new markets for export, to raise sales volumes to the highest level, Şentürk responded to our questions.

How did you start ouy 2021? Can you share your evaluations for the first quarter with us?

To make a general assessment - the COVID-19 coronavirus that started in Wuhan, China and impacted the entire world caused global commercial growth to drop by 0,2 to 0,4 percent, factories to close in China known as the production workshop of the world and production to comte to a standstill. Although this situation, which had a negative impact on world trade, also presented a challenge to us in terms of importation as a company that procures a protion of its raw materials directly from China and through local companies that supply products of Chinese origin indirectly, this same trend caused a sudden increase in our sales volume when the domestic market and foreing customers that usually purchased form China turned their direction to Turkey.

As Elcab Kablo Profil Sanayi Ticaret AŞ. we provided employment to 300 people in Turkey and 200 people in South Africa in the last quarter of 2020 for a total of 500 employees and as a result, provided income indirectly to 3300 people.
In the scope of the "COME HOME PROJECT" started by the Zonguldak Association of Industrialists and Business People (ZONSIAD), chaired bu our company's Board of Directors Chairman Nejdet Tıskaoğlu, we decided to start a new investment.
We started constructing the production facility that will employ 300 people and provide income to 2000 people on the land we allocated for this project in the Çaycuma Organized Industry Zone. We completed all the feasibility studies before completion of the factory building to start operations right away and rented the space accordingly. As of December we employed personnel, ,installed machines and started pilot production. As of January, we are operating at full capacity with 100 personnel. Before a month had even gone by since our establishment, on January 14, we accomplished our very first shipment with the participation of mant valuable people. Aiming to grow its foundation investment wiht gradual new machine investments, our company has set an example for other companies planning to invest in cities and regions outside the specific locations. In this context we can say that we have made a good start in 2021 with this investment which will contribute to the country's economy and provide employment to many people.

What are yoru production and capacity utilization goals for 2021?

The economic reflections of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, which has had both a social and economic impact on the entite world, started being seen more severely and distinctly in April and thereby had a negative impact on our company, which exports 40% of our production. The recessions, at an unprecedented scalei of both market and demand in our importantexport countries, especially in the European Union countries, in addition to the quarantine precautions at the borders, have been the main industries we serve in the domestic market taking the necessary precautions against the COVID-19 coronavirus and continuing their production operations in a controlled manner has enabled us to avoid a decline in our domestic sales. This is how we are able to say we had a good year despite the pandemic. We as Elcab Cable have been providing for the needs and demands of main markets with a policy based on affordable price, good quality and prompt delivery since we were first established and continue research and development activities to increase our sales network in these markets. In the year 2021 we aim to maintain stability and reach our goals as weel as exceed our production volume.

What are your sales golas for 2021? Can you make an evaluation both in terms of domestic sales and exports?

We, as Elcab Cable, have been continuing our sales operations in both the domestic and intemational market with the 2 separate professional teams we have established. We have created a "target list" for 2021 among our colleagues. While this creates an elemet of motivation for all of us, it will also enable us to look back and see what we have accomplished at the end of 2021. As a company that produces good quality in respnse to demand quickly with a young and dynamic structure, we not only supply our products to the leading companies we serve in the comestic market but export our products to mant different countries in Europe, Asia, Northern Africa, South America and the Middle East. In 2021 we aim to reach more customers in the domestic market and to explore new markets for export to take our sales volume to the highest level.

Are there regions and markets that you will prioritize this year and focus on?

As Elcab Cable we aim to keep our export country volume at a wide range and provide for the needs and demands of our customers all over the world with the advantages of affordable price and prompt delivery with-out compromising on quality.
We can say that Russia, Central Africa and Central America are among the regions and markets we will be focusing on and prioritizing this year as they very important for the Turkish cable sector.

What are your expectations for raw material and exchange rate prices for 2021?

We are face to face with a crisis we have never experienced before where both supply and demand shocks are occurring at the same time. This is why there has been movement in many countries to reinforce their stocks after the pandemic. A high volume of purchasing and increasing import volumes have materials to increase and exchanges rates to fluctuate. However, it is obvious that there is still an air of uncertainty and it is hard to predict what will happen. It is our greatest hope that this bad period we have been experiencing will be over soon and we will al go back to our normal lives